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An 'Attitude of Gratitude' is something we are all capable of learning and developing throughout our lives. 

Gratitude is a topic that I am extremely passionate about. I have witnessed the benefits of it first-hand and I want you to experience them too! 

Think of it as your 'secret superpower' - that is exactly what it is. It is a tool that each of us can use to reach our potential in life. It doesn't matter how young or old we are - gratitude is something each of us can incorporate into our daily routine. 

That's why I would love to share my story with you! 

Through my lived experiences, I will help you to better understand what exactly gratitude is, how it can impact our lives, and most importantly HOW you can get started on your very own journey with gratitude. 

I have spoken to many different groups of people - my message is a universal one. 


*If you are interested and want to discuss potential options for this type of service, please message me and we can arrange to schedule a virtual meeting!

Sports Team Portrait

Sports Teams

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1. sports teams

Gratitude is an integral part of sports.

After listening to my story, your team will understand how an 'Attitude of Gratitude' affects individual and team success. I am passionate about physical activity and I have experienced the benefits of being part of a team. I want to be part of your team. 


I have done several motivational talks to sports teams, incorporating both physical and mental activities to maximize performance and enhance sporting experience. An 'Attitude of Gratitude' will encourage athletes to take charge of their mindset and will become an essential skill for their athletic performance and overall well-being.


2. schools

Schools are synonymous with learning.

By talking to young students, I am able to educate them on the importance of developing an 'Attitude of Gratitude' early on in life and carrying it forward. Schools can create an idyllic environment for young people to develop healthy practices for their bodies and minds. In order to get the most out of their academic experience, students need to learn how to utilize gratitude and reap its countless benefits, improving overall attitudes towards school.

I look forward to sharing my story and inspiring the next generation!


3. workplaces

Culture is a buzz word associated with success.


Culture reflects a unified approach towards a common goal. By sharing my story with your company, I am confident we can maximize performance by developing a shared vision throughout your workplace. Understanding and utilizing an 'Attitude of Gratitude' can increase overall team cohesion and positively impact individual productivity and accuracy resulting in a progressive work environment.

With my experience as a team leader, I want to work with your team and re-define the meaning of success.



Sports Teams
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